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Ducati ST3 engine  

Gasflowed heads with bigger valve`s
higher compression
Corse gearbox incl Alu gear selector and Corse gearforks
Corse 4 pin Slipperclutch
Magnesium clutch cover side
lighter flywheel with original alternator
ST3 casings

things to come

1078 CC kit
Titanium conrods 999F05
1098 Alternator (lighter then Corse item)
all primary gears drilled for weight
specially made camshafts with more lift
full titanium engine bolt kit

 Frame 1098

 forks WP 46MM factory fork
Discacciati Calipers with Titanium pistons
748RS disc`s 320mm
swingarm 1098
Ohlins TTX36 schock
carbon BST wheels
RAD fueltank/seat unit
D16RR replica topfairing with big airducts
Tsubaki race chain
Afam sprocket carrier
999 rear subframe
1098 Headlight fairing
Bodywork 998
Brembo raidial brake and clutch master cylinders
home made 54MM exhaust with BOS GP end cans
Pirelli superbike slicks

Things to come

300MM discs Motomaster
Carbon Bodywork and fuel tank
magnesium swingarm (depends on cashflow ;-)
Titanium bolts for frame and swingarm axel
Ohlins FGR800 ? (depends on cashflow ;-)
Radial monobloc Calipers ? (depends on cashflow ;-)


748RS loom
748RS injection with restriction taken out 
Purple 12 hole injectors
748RS ECU with self programmed Eprom
Translogic Dash
Translogic Speed shifter
MHe900 Battery

 Things to come

MD35 fully programble ECU incl double Lambda controller
Drycell Battery
Factory injectors
60MM factory injection from a 996RS 2001

the B-rad is a 134 BHP engine with a dry weight
from just over 148 kilo

goal is to get it up to a 145 BHP and dry weight
of just under 140 kilo

The figure`s ready to run  of the bike in its current form is 120 BHP on the wheel and 158 kilo with 7 liters of fuel

in short time it will be 130+ on the wheel and 150 kilo WET !!!!!!